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~Crystal Prep Metalheads~
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Sick Days by RainbowYoshi305 Sick Days :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 61 67 Request: Sci-Twi by RainbowYoshi305 Request: Sci-Twi :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 101 95 Gift: Spirtual Successors by RainbowYoshi305 Gift: Spirtual Successors :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 37 66 Prank Wars by RainbowYoshi305 Prank Wars :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 91 147 Sweet Pineapple Acres by RainbowYoshi305 Sweet Pineapple Acres :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 72 53 Request: Jumpscare by RainbowYoshi305 Request: Jumpscare :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 101 124 Request: In Our Special Place...(Extra) by RainbowYoshi305 Request: In Our Special Place...(Extra) :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 87 65 Request: In Our Special Place... by RainbowYoshi305 Request: In Our Special Place... :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 64 60 Request: Sock Parents by RainbowYoshi305 Request: Sock Parents :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 132 149 Request: Three's Company by RainbowYoshi305 Request: Three's Company :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 107 81 Request: EqG TwiDash by RainbowYoshi305 Request: EqG TwiDash :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 99 50 Lemon and the Zap by RainbowYoshi305 Lemon and the Zap :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 57 51 Gift: Super Foal Champs by RainbowYoshi305 Gift: Super Foal Champs :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 28 66 Request: Eiffel Tower Selfie by RainbowYoshi305 Request: Eiffel Tower Selfie :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 66 85 Squad Goals: Pikachu Hoodie Edition by RainbowYoshi305 Squad Goals: Pikachu Hoodie Edition :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 118 68 2016 Summary of Art by RainbowYoshi305 2016 Summary of Art :iconrainbowyoshi305:RainbowYoshi305 22 16
New artwork being posted, eeyup~:iconrainbowdashnodplz:
and every comment and favorites are much appreciated on my behalf, even viewing and downloads makes my day~:squee:

Random Favourites

Punk Clefable by Shoyrcloud Punk Clefable :iconshoyrcloud:Shoyrcloud 47 7 Greninja by Shoyrcloud Greninja :iconshoyrcloud:Shoyrcloud 131 3 First Day of School by Shoyrcloud First Day of School :iconshoyrcloud:Shoyrcloud 71 15 Gift Pokemon by Shoyrcloud Gift Pokemon :iconshoyrcloud:Shoyrcloud 53 5 Favourite Pokemon of Each Type! by Yotsuba-no-Clover Favourite Pokemon of Each Type! :iconyotsuba-no-clover:Yotsuba-no-Clover 46 7 Mew by feh-rodrigues Mew :iconfeh-rodrigues:feh-rodrigues 77 9 Born just as a clone by OokamiKuna Born just as a clone :iconookamikuna:OokamiKuna 135 15 Celebi by feh-rodrigues Celebi :iconfeh-rodrigues:feh-rodrigues 68 18 Shadow Golden Goodra by Phatmon Shadow Golden Goodra :iconphatmon:Phatmon 134 20 snow by purpleninfy snow :iconpurpleninfy:purpleninfy 91 6 Mega Samurott by Pgdelirio Mega Samurott :iconpgdelirio:Pgdelirio 38 5 A Dash by ColorfulWonders A Dash :iconcolorfulwonders:ColorfulWonders 14 0 Trying To Do Her Hair   by RainicornArts Trying To Do Her Hair :iconrainicornarts:RainicornArts 57 24 The Lendgeds Of Friendship: rarisami and KorraJack by RainicornArts The Lendgeds Of Friendship: rarisami and KorraJack :iconrainicornarts:RainicornArts 95 19 .:Egghead:. by Sorasku .:Egghead:. :iconsorasku:Sorasku 52 5 Pinkie~! by Merrah-Gabby Pinkie~! :iconmerrah-gabby:Merrah-Gabby 23 10
I don't own them but I do liek the art alot cuz it's so...AWESOME.....:iconrainbowdashchuuplz:


Notification Squad
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

:star:~W E L C O M E~:star:

About Me

1) I've been on this site since late 2008 and I considered it as my second home ever since!:aww:/corny I know

2) My birthday is on January 19 and i share it alongside my younger brother of 5 years.:meow:

3) My favorite colors are green, blue and orange.:squee:

4) As sociable as I am while I'm online, I'm more introverted offline plus I have social anxiety.:dead:

5) I'm a 90s kid.=P

6) I speak 4 languages: English, bits of Spanish, sarcasm and profanity!:XD:

7) I don't hate Flash Sentry as I used to before, yeah....^^; I figured there's no point to dislike him around this time so it's best to leave him alone.:XD:

Other sites I'm at

Equestria Amino:
Tumblr: Well I'm inactive there...^^;

dA Friends

A ragtag group of ppl whom I consider each as my friends!:meow:


My second DA account

Ships I support OTP/BroTP/Borderline OTP:
1) TwiDash (OTP)
2) LemonZap (OTP)
3) RariJack (B-OTP)
4) AppleDash (BroTP)
5) RainbowPie
6) LyraBon
7) SourFlare
8) BulkShy
9) SoarinFire
10) TwiZap
11) StarBurst
12) AuroraDust
13) FireBlaze
14) PartyBelle
15) DoubleGlider
16) BillyDash
17) DiscoLight
18) SunXie
19) SourZap
20) TimberShy/Light

Ships I'm neutral/okay/borderline ship them:
1) SunLight (O)
2) FlutterDash (O)
3) CheesePie (N)
4) TaviScratch (O/B)
5) FlashShimmer (O/B)
6) SonAria (N)
7) SunDagio (N)
8) StarXie (O)
9) QuibbleDash (B)
10) Spike x Thorax (O)
11) MoonLight (O)
12) TwiPie (O)
13) AppleFlim (O)
14) TwiLuna (O)
15) TwiJack (O/B)

Ships that aren't my cup of tea/not fond of b/c reasons...
1) FlashLight - It was my NoTP for years until it sank so...I guess I don't care as much in general despite I didn't like the idea to give Twilight a love interest.^^;
2) SoarinDash - Used to like it but nah, it's everywhere b/c Soarin' exists just to be Dashie's BF.:roll:
3) FlutterCord - I'm no hardcore DisLestia fan yet I'd rather have that than this.:| Weird enough that someone had already made an ask tumblr about Fluttershy looking after Baby Discord BEFORE the reformation episode ever happen.:hmm: Either way, this ship reeks of friendship than relationship b/c Discord plays as a clingy best friend.:B
4) LemonNata - B/C LemonZap is better~;P Not but seriousness, it just doesn't click for me plus alot of ppl like the idea of this ship since 1) Lem and Son are fandom waifus and 2) the artist would at times make saucy pics (his art, his decisions).:stumped: Overall I'm not much of a Sonata fan anymore (she is a cute character but frankly I'm not fully invested in her) so yeeeeeah...Lemon's better off with Indigo anyways.;P
5) Sparity: Don't really hate it but I'm not really invested for it or Spike (AT TIMES). I feel as if it's meant to be one-sided than two-sided, honestly.:shrug:
6) BlitzDash: No thanks, I'm not a fan of Rule 63 x Canon.:disbelief:
7) SpikeGlimmer/Light: I don't see the appeal with SpikeGlimmer at all...O_o;;; It just seems so random even if they had interacted yet it wasn't anything special.:roll: As for SpikeLight...NO.
8) SonDash: Crossover ships ain't my thing
9) ShadowLight/Shimmer: Crossover ships ft. edgy emo hedgehog with an horrible fanbase is also not my thing, I also find it too OoC for Shadow anyways.:shrug:
10) TwiParker/Spider Man: Nope, both characters are better off being friends.:P
11) Zak12 x Twilight (;P) - Self-insert Gary Stu OC being shipped with canon main character, yup.;P
12) Amourshipping (;P;P;P) - Words cannot deny on how I feel for this ship as to me, it's ratings' bait to reel in viewers so I honestly never went crazy like every other person.:P Another reason was that I didn't felt anything natural between Ash and Serena (lol he had way more chemistry with Dawn and dare I say, Misty) so it felt forced.:roll:

Stamps and buttons

Delilah Stamp by TheMoonRaven Jennifer Stamp by TheMoonRaven Jane Stamp by TheMoonRaven Nicole Stamp by TheMoonRaven April Stamp by TheMoonRaven Shannon Stamp by TheMoonRaven Inspiration Strikes when... by Qinni STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz computer stamp by Kataang-furuba Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine love music stamp - Fire-Feline by stamps-club Fries stamp - Amersill by stamps-club DO NOT FAV - Weird music by stamps-club:thumb198058086: Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008 Stamp by Kataang-furuba Wishful Thinking by whispwill Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: I love deviantART by apparate Team-Rowlet-Stamp by Aletheiia90 Pokemon Music Stamp by flarefugikage Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial Pokemon by Daakukitsune Team Mystic - Stamp by DoctorSiggy Shadowbolts Stamp by L4m3ness Shadowbolts Stamp by jewlecho I don't like Starlight Glimmer. by TheMoonRaven 041 (rainbow dash/twilight sparkle) by mapleshaded Twidash Stamp 1 by mermagic-adopts LemonZap Stamp by MLPRocker123 I talk to myself... by prosaix Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest I fav to much by HavickArt Never... by prosaix



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