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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Angie QuezadaFemale/United States Groups :iconthe-trio-of-twidash: The-Trio-of-TwiDash
More than just TwiDash!
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Newest Deviations

New artwork being posted, eeyup~ although w/ school and laziness in the'll try to post as much as I can.^^;
FREE Mini Derpy Doll by YokoKinawa
Have a Derpy to keep y'all distracted!>:3

and my gallery is strictly a Pony Zone~
Caution !!! Pony Zone by KennyKlent

Random Favourites

I don't own them but I do liek the art alot cuz it's so...AWESOME.....:iconrainbowdashchuuplz:

Pinkie Pie by ZoibyRainbow Dash by ZoibyApple Jack by Zoiby


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Angie Quezada
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Fun Facts about me

~ I grew up in the 90's, a decade when it's worth waking up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons~:heart:
~ I'm really lazy so don't expect me to post something as often takes a while to get my creative mojo flowing
~ I'm really shy whenever I interact offline...:icontwilightblushplz:
~ The career I want to get into is animation or in a more specific term, a storyboard artist.XP
~ I have pets, mostly dogs consisting of a Shih Tzu, poodle and a pair of chihuahuas
~ I have the memory of an elephant at times....XP
~ I'm pretty reliable in finding almost any item that my folks would misreplace!:iconpinkiesherlockplz:
~ I'm an extreme shipping addict as you can tell from my gallery...:iconcblushplz:
~ Pokemon fan since 1999 and I'm very loyal to watching the anime!:iconashloveitplz: I couldn't care less if Ash were to forever stay young and travel w/ his hoes while not getting some along the way, at least we can see the Pokemon outside of the games!:love:
~ Pretty much this->I'm nice online, unless you piss me off by TheArtOfNotLikingYou

RP'n rules (AKA to those who wants to RP w/ me cuz reasons...)

1) Has to be MLP FiM/Equestria Girls (I prefer canon characters than OC's, sorry...) since I'm heavily involved!:blush: Also the characters you play as needs to be a PLZ icon/Emoticon! For MLP Plz icons, head by :iconmlp-fim-plz:

2) The storyline can be anything (I preferably prefer slice of life/comedy/adventure depending if I'm motivated) except for violence/gore since I don't like having characters to be killed off...:icondashfacehoofplz:

3) You can't use yourself as a character: No offense to those who does this, it gets repetitive and annoying...:facepalm:

4) For shipping roleplays, I'm gonna restrict to only good friends *SEE UNDER PEEPS LIST* who shares the same OTP's as me on behalf of I don't want to force my ships on those who don't ship said pairing.^^;



[Request] Anti MLP x Sonic Pairings Stamp by BelinhaMSAnti-DashBlitz Stamp by BelinhaMS

[STAMP] Sudden Love Interests Are Awful Tropes by EmfenFlash Sentry is a Gary-Stu by FlyingBrickAnimation
Just my reasons for disliking Bland Sentry as well as BlandLight...:iconstudmuffinplz:


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ChameleonMan55 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think this poll needs some more TwiDash love... Twilight (Crying 2) PlzRainbow Dash (Scared) Plz…
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Thanks for the fav \m/:D
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Thanks for the  Favorites Icon 3D !
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Herobrine564 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
hey Angie, love your latest pic, so funny, when I fist saw it in my messages, I though Rd and Aj were in summer school (laughs) really cool

Me: (stops bike I was riding and sees the 8 hangin' by the pool) Hey rainbow, hey applejack, hey fluttershy, hey twilight, hey rarity, hey pinkie, hey spike doggified, hey.... Sunset shimmer? if that's your name?
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