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About Digital Art / Hobbyist RainbowYoshi305Female/United States Groups :iconthe-trio-of-twidash: The-Trio-of-TwiDash
We post more than just TwiDash!
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New artwork being posted, eeyup~ although w/ school and laziness in the'll try to post as much as I can.^^;
FREE Mini Derpy Doll by YokoKinawa
Have a Derpy to keep y'all distracted!>:3

and my gallery is strictly a Pony Zone~
Caution !!! Pony Zone by KennyKlent

Random Favourites

I don't own them but I do liek the art alot cuz it's so...AWESOME.....:iconrainbowdashchuuplz:

Pinkie Pie by ZoibyRainbow Dash by ZoibyApple Jack by Zoiby


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Fun Facts about me

:bulletgreen: I share the same birthday as my brother (1/19) even though we're five yrs apart yet I could say he's one of the best birthday gifts since he's kinda like my best friend IRL~:iconsawthatplz:
:bulletblue: I'm mostly a shy introvert but joining this site gave me an opportunity to actually make friends!:iconforeveralonehappyplz:
:bulletgreen: Favorite color: Green (mostly on the lighter variations) as well as blue and probably magenta.:love: but I do hate the MS Paint variations, it hurts my eyes...I'm Dead by MiaowKat
:bulletblue: For my pictures, I mostly use GIMP despite there are other more useful art programs~Oh well by McNLove
:bulletgreen: I can be a jerk at times, sometimes at my siblings or to anyone, it's just I don't have patience when I'm pressured or if I'm in a crappy mood...EqG Rainbow Dash (Pout) Plz by RainbowYoshi305
:bulletblue: I still have the N64 and its games yet I regret selling Super Mario 64 along w/ Mario Party 2/3....Jake crying plz by RoxasPikachu
:bulletgreen: Pets, yep...*still sad my recent one passed on*
:bulletblue: I'm likely to be forever alone yet I can still be happy w/hout a bae to call upon~The Sound Of...... by PAULLONDEN
:bulletgreen: I hate to not respond to any message, it just makes me feel like a bad friend at times...facepalm by AddMedia(RP's are passable)
:bulletblue: I'm really lazy...drawing-wise and everything else....Peter shrugs by Mylittlethumb

RP'n rules (AKA to those who wants to RP w/ me cuz reasons...)

1) Has to be MLP FiM/Equestria Girls (I prefer canon characters than OC's, sorry...) since I'm heavily involved!:blush: Also the characters you play as needs to be a PLZ icon/Emoticon! For MLP Plz icons, head by :iconmlp-fim-plz: OR you can rely on the emoticons which is plenty!:D

2) The storyline can be anything (I preferably prefer slice of life/comedy/adventure depending if I'm motivated) except for violence/gore since I don't like having characters to be killed off...:icondashfacehoofplz:

3) You can't use yourself as a character: No offense to those who does this, it gets repetitive and annoying...:facepalm:

4) For shipping roleplays, I'm gonna restrict to only good friends *SEE UNDER PEEPS LIST* who shares the same OTP's as me on behalf of I don't want to force my ships on those who don't ship said pairing.^^;

5) Please don't RP on my drawings for I don't want the number of comments being based on RP responses...:icondashwhateverplz:

6) if I don't respond if it's either b/c I'm doing something else or I'm too lazy and it's mostly in the latter~:iconsawthatplz:



Name of Image
Twilight (SPOILER ALERT) Plz by RainbowYoshi305:iconanimeace-plz-m: :iconanimeace-plz-y: :iconanimeace-plz-t::iconanimeace-plz-w::iconanimeace-plz-i::iconanimeace-plz-d::iconanimeace-plz-a::iconanimeace-plz-s::iconanimeace-plz-h: :iconanimeace-plz-s::iconanimeace-plz-q::iconanimeace-plz-u::iconanimeace-plz-a::iconanimeace-plz-d:Rainbow Dash (Winking 2) Plz by RainbowYoshi305


^As for the Equestria Girls fan button, I only find it bearable b/c I like the idea of the pony characters having human counterparts (except for Bland Sentry) and how I can think of various stories derived from them. At times I don't, only b/c I dislike crossovers of various cartoon/video game characters as well as BlandLight.:disbelief:

~Ships I support~

1) Twilight (Blush) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 xRainbow Dash (Lol Whut) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 - My OTP since 2012~:iconishipthemsohardplz:

2) Applejack (Cute smile 2) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 x Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 - The Oreo filling to most Mane 6 shipping triads~:iconsawthatplz:

3) :iconapplejackumadplz: x :icondashfacehoofplz: - (Friendshipping) - My brOTP on behalf of I lean towards pairing Dash w/ Twi and AJ w/ Rarity respectively yet I do ship these two time to time~;P

4) :iconpinkiepiesmileplz: x :iconflutterblushplz: - Not my strong shipping but eh, it works either way to complete the Mane 6 Ship Triad and I kinda prefer FlutterPie than PinkieShy but that's just me!:iconohyouplz:

5) :iconpinkieishappyplz: x :iconrainbowdashawplz: (Friendshipping) - One of my favorite ships early on (alongside AppleDash) but I see them as just friends.:nod:

6) Party Favor Icon by dSana x Sugar Belle (Happy-1) by Peculiar-Horse - Just imagine the birthday parties these two can pull off!:love:

7) Double Diamond (Confident) by Peculiar-Horse x Night Glider (Confident) by Peculiar-Horse - I imagine them being the cool couple~;P

8) :iconsweetiebellegrin: x :iconmlpbuttonmashplz: - Normally I don't ship foals yet this one's an exception due to the animations.:nod:

9) Lightning Dust Smiley 7 by Morasain x Aurora Nightfall by RainbowYoshi305 - Headcanon pairing since Dash's already w/ Twilight and those two serve as counterparts (yes Aurora Nightfall may be Twilight in disguise from Zacatron94's comics but in my headcanon, she's a separate character)

10) :iconlyraexcitedplz: x :iconmlpbonbonplz: - Why not?;P I enjoy Silly Lyra w/ Bon Bon trying her best to tolerate some of her marefriend's antics which reminds me a whole lot w/ Dash and Twi!;P

~Ships I'm okay with~

1) :icontrixieohyeahplz: x :iconsunsetshimmerponyplz: - It's cute but I need some time to like it even if it is among my friend's favorite pairings.^^;

2) EQG Sonata Dusk Adorable Plz by ChameleonMan55 x EQG Aria Blaze Plz by ChameleonMan55 - Same as above...^^; regardless if I'm neutral/okay w/ it, I do my best to include them in headcanon stories!:D

3) 'Everyone else under our spell...' by Dazzle-Vivid-190 x Sunset Shimmer by pinkiejay - I don't mind this ship at all.:hmm:

4) EqG Twilight (Silly grin) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 x EQG Sunset Shimmer Adorably Cute Plz by ChameleonMan55 - I see them as just friends personally but to those who ship them, kudos! It's like saying 'To hell being w/ the school prettyboy who barely has any purpose as a character, we have each other!':giggle:

5) :iconvinylscratchplz: x :iconmlpoctaviaplz: - Only see them as buds/roomies yet I guess these two click for those who are heavily into music....^^;

6) :iconderpyhappyplz: x :icondoctorwhoovesplz: - I'm not into the Doctor Who series so this ship is alright w/ me and I'm not into pairing Derpy w/ a mare.XP

7) :icontrixiecalmplz: x :icontwilighteyerollplz: - Never really a fan of it but it's alright on my standards!:nod:

8) :iconpinkieishappyplz: x :iconmlpcheesesandwichplz: - Hm...I thought it was cute at first but over time, it's whatever...:hmm:

9) :iconsoarinplz: x :icondashhiyaplz: - I used to like these two at some point but it died down since I lean on w/ pairing Dash w/ females~Twilight (Wink) Plz by RainbowYoshi305

10):iconfluttershyisshyplz: x :iconbigmaceeyupplz: - It's not bad at seems plausible but the writers has other plans w/ pairing Big Mac w/ somepony else~:iconcheerileeplz:

11) :iconshiningarmorplz: x :iconcadenceblinkplz: - I do think it's cute but it's already canon as it is yet I wish this is the only canon pairing alongside the Cakes...:smoking:

12) G4 Firefly Plz by RainbowYoshi305 x Rainbow Dash (Happy) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 - This one's directly from SorcerusHorserus's Dash Academy series where the G1 ponies (Firefly and Surprise) are depicted as classmates so before anyone calls out incest due the majority of headcanons has Firefly as Dash's mother, this one's like an AU but a good one at that.:D

13) :iconrainbowdashnodplz: x :iconpartysoftplz: - I may not like the idea of these two as a couple as well as many childhood friend ships but that's fine b/c to those who do support this pairing likes them for their interactions. Personally, I see them as friends w/ a sisterly bond, especially the way Dash used to protect Fluttershy alot from bullies like what a sibling would do.

14) :icontwilighthappyplz: x :iconapplejackproudplz: - TwiJack's pretty solid as a shipping and I can see why ppl like it b/c 1)interactions (I could feel that AJ's like the one character anyone would love to have as a best friend b/c she's very supportive) and 2)they both shown competence in the show more than the others. I wouldn't mind liking this ship but I see them as just friends.:nod:

15) :icontwilightawkwardplz: x :iconpinkieishappyplz: - I lean on more on the friendshipping these two have since I honestly can't see these two in a relationship.^^; Not to say I dislike the pairing, it's just the way they interact on the show makes them too much like friendshipping but that's just me plus I don't think Twi can handle Pinkie's hyperactivity.^^;

~Ships I'm AGAINST~

1) :icontwilightunsureplz: x :iconflashsentryponyplz: - That one ship I detest so much and not b/c I ship TwiDash well somewhat My reasons for disliking this ship (or hate it for that matter) is how cliched this ship is whenever it comes to those cheesy high school chick flicks involving the popular guy being paired w/ the new girl.:iconsighingplz: It gets bad enough that Bland Sentry barely has any personality even if he's just some nice guy who owns a car and plays a guitar...:iconwatchoutplz: Personally I wish Hasbro hadn't forced the writers to produce the movies even if I do like the idea of the characters being humans, I just don't like the idea of shipping the main characters in canon/giving canon love interests!:disbelief: As for those who likes the pairings, they only like it b/c 1) it's *canon (one-sided), 2) some would mainly ship w/ stallions for the Mane 6 and 3) they want to salt in the wounds....:icondashinnocentfaceplz:

2) :icontwilightwhatplz: x :iconspikeyuckplz: - Sorry to those fans but this ship is full of NOPE!:disbelief: Spike's practically family to Twilight so I find it off-putting of ppl to ship him w/ her!:disbelief:

3) :iconohmyfluttershyplz: x :iconmlpdiscordplz: - They're just friends even if Discord can be over the top when being Fluttershy's BFF, he's still new tot he friendship thing, mind you!:disbelief:

4) :iconrarityfaceplz: x :iconadorablespikeplz: - I only see it one-sided and Spike's a little too young for Rarity so don't expect it to be canon!;P

5) :iconepicfacehoofplz: x :iconwtfshadowplz: - I really don't get the appeal of this pairing, I just don't...:iconohgodwhyplz: Nor do I get the idea of Emo Sanic being senpai in those cringe-inducing EqG crossover pictures~:disbelief:

6) :icondashieshutupplz: x :iconsonicfacepalmplz: - Unlike ShadowTwi, I get ppl like SonicDash just b/c they have similarities but I prefer Sonic and Dash to being just friends, same applies to every other crossover ships, they're just friends...:iconjakerageplz:

7) :iconmorefacehoofplz: x :iconrainbowblitzplz: - Canon x R63 counterpart, NO THANK YOU!:iconyoukiddingmeplz: I hate the idea of pairings like these and not b/c they have the same color scheme, it's boring nonetheless to be w/ someone whose the opposite gender of yourself. I get ppl like this pairing only b/c Dash is a narcissist yet she has her moments when she's not so I doubt she'll go to the deep end to find her 'soul mate'.:puke: Also I'm not a fan of Blitz's design, those thick eyebrows and that mane, ew..:icondonotwantplz: No offense to the original creator for the characters (but I do like Dusk Shine best)...^^;

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