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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member RainbowYoshi305Female/United States Groups :iconthe-trio-of-twidash: The-Trio-of-TwiDash
We post more than just TwiDash!
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New artwork being posted, eeyup~ although w/ school and laziness in the'll try to post as much as I can.^^;
FREE Mini Derpy Doll by YokoKinawa
Have a Derpy to keep y'all distracted!>:3

and my gallery is strictly a Pony Zone~
Caution !!! Pony Zone by KennyKlent

Random Favourites

deviation in storage by mirayue
I don't own them but I do liek the art alot cuz it's so...AWESOME.....:iconrainbowdashchuuplz:

Pinkie Pie by ZoibyRainbow Dash by ZoibyApple Jack by Zoiby


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Fun Facts about me

:bulletgreen: I share the same birthday as my brother (1/19) even though we're five yrs apart yet I could say he's one of the best birthday gifts since he's kinda like my best friend IRL~:iconsawthatplz:
:bulletblue: I'm mostly a shy introvert but joining this site gave me an opportunity to actually make friends!:iconforeveralonehappyplz:
:bulletgreen: Favorite color: Green (mostly on the lighter variations) as well as blue and probably magenta.:love: but I do hate the MS Paint variations, it hurts my eyes...I'm Dead by MiaowKat
:bulletblue: For my pictures, I mostly use GIMP despite there are other more useful art programs~Oh well by McNLove
:bulletgreen: I can be a jerk at times, sometimes at my siblings or to anyone, it's just I don't have patience when I'm pressured or if I'm in a crappy mood...EqG Rainbow Dash (Pout) Plz by RainbowYoshi305
:bulletblue: I still have the N64 and its games yet I regret selling Super Mario 64 along w/ Mario Party 2/3....Jake crying plz by RoxasPikachu
:bulletgreen: Pets, yep...*still sad my recent one passed on*
:bulletblue: I'm likely to be forever alone yet I can still be happy w/hout a bae to call upon~The Sound Of...... by PAULLONDEN
:bulletgreen: I hate to not respond to any message, it just makes me feel like a bad friend at times...facepalm by AddMedia(RP's are passable)
:bulletblue: I'm really lazy...drawing-wise and everything else....Peter shrugs by Mylittlethumb

RP'n rules (AKA to those who wants to RP w/ me cuz reasons...)

1) Has to be MLP FiM/Equestria Girls (I prefer canon characters than OC's, sorry...) since I'm heavily involved!:blush: Also the characters you play as needs to be a PLZ icon/Emoticon! For MLP Plz icons, head by :iconmlp-fim-plz: OR you can rely on the emoticons which is plenty!:D

2) The storyline can be anything (I preferably prefer slice of life/comedy/adventure depending if I'm motivated) except for violence/gore since I don't like having characters to be killed off...:icondashfacehoofplz:

3) You can't use yourself as a character: No offense to those who does this, it gets repetitive and annoying...:facepalm:

4) For shipping roleplays, I'm gonna restrict to only good friends *SEE UNDER PEEPS LIST* who shares the same OTP's as me on behalf of I don't want to force my ships on those who don't ship said pairing.^^;

5) Please don't RP on my drawings for I don't want the number of comments being based on RP responses...:icondashwhateverplz:

6) if I don't respond if it's either b/c I'm doing something else or I'm too lazy and it's mostly in the latter~:iconsawthatplz:



Name of Image
Twilight (SPOILER ALERT) Plz by RainbowYoshi305:iconanimeace-plz-m: :iconanimeace-plz-y: :iconanimeace-plz-t::iconanimeace-plz-w::iconanimeace-plz-i::iconanimeace-plz-d::iconanimeace-plz-a::iconanimeace-plz-s::iconanimeace-plz-h: :iconanimeace-plz-s::iconanimeace-plz-q::iconanimeace-plz-u::iconanimeace-plz-a::iconanimeace-plz-d:Rainbow Dash (Winking 2) Plz by RainbowYoshi305


^As for the Equestria Girls fan button, I only find it bearable b/c I like the idea of the pony characters having human counterparts (except for Bland Sentry) and how I can think of various stories derived from them. At times I don't, only b/c I dislike crossovers of various cartoon/video game characters as well as BlandLight.:disbelief:

~Ships I support~

1) Twilight (Blush) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 xRainbow Dash (Lol Whut) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 (EQG Twilight Adorkable Plz by ChameleonMan55 x EQG Rainbow Dash Wink Plz by ChameleonMan55) - My OTP~:iconishipthemsohardplz:
2) Applejack (Cute smile 2) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 x Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 (EQG AppleJack Wink Plz by ChameleonMan55 x EQG Rarity Happy Plz by ChameleonMan55) - The Oreo filling to most Mane 6 Ship triads!X3
3) :iconapplejackumadplz: x :iconrainbowsnortplz: (brOTP/Friendshipping but I ship 'em at times~;P)
4) :iconpinkiepiesmileplz: x :iconflutterblushplz: - Not my strong shipping but eh, it works either way...^^;
5) :iconpinkieishappyplz: x :iconrainbowdashawplz: (Friendshipping) - One of my favorite ships early on but I see them as just friends.:nod:
6) Party Favor Icon by dSana x Sugar Belle (Happy-1) by Peculiar-Horse - Just imagine the birthday parties these two can pull off!:love:
7) Double Diamond (Confident) by Peculiar-Horse x Night Glider (Confident) by Peculiar-Horse - I imagine them being the cool couple~;P
8) :iconsweetiebellegrin: x :iconmlpbuttonmashplz: - Was given due to the few animations
9) Lightning Dust Smiley 7 by Morasain x Aurora Nightfall by RainbowYoshi305 - Headcanon pairing since Dash's already w/ Twilight and those two serve as counterparts (yes Aurora may be Twi in disguise in the comics but here, she's a separate being)
10) :iconlyraexcitedplz: x :iconmlpbonbonplz: - Why not?;P

~Ships I'm okay with~

1) :icontrixieohyeahplz: x :iconsunsetshimmerponyplz: - It's cute but I need some time to like it even if it is among my friend's favorite pairings.^^;
2) EQG Sonata Dusk Adorable Plz by ChameleonMan55 x EQG Aria Blaze Plz by ChameleonMan55 - Same as above...^^; regardless if I'm neutral/okay w/ it, I do my best to include them in headcanon stories!:D
3) 'Everyone else under our spell...' by Dazzle-Vivid-190 x Sunset Shimmer by pinkiejay - I don't mind this ship at all so....xD
4) EqG Twilight (Silly grin) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 x EQG Sunset Shimmer Adorably Cute Plz by ChameleonMan55 - I see them as just friends personally but to those who ship them, kudos! It's like saying 'To hell being w/ the school prettyboy who barely has any purpose as a character, we have each other!':giggle:
5) :iconvinylscratchplz: x :iconmlpoctaviaplz: - Only see them as buds/roomies yet I guess these two click for those who are heavily into music....:blush:
6) :iconderpyhappyplz: x :icondoctorwhoovesplz: - I'm not into the Doctor Who series so this ship is alright w/ me
7) :icontrixiecalmplz: x :icontwilighteyerollplz: - Never really a fan of it but it's alright on my standards!:nod:
8) :iconpinkieishappyplz: x :iconmlpcheesesandwichplz: - Hm...I thought it was cute at first but over time, it's whatever...:hmm:
9) :icondashawkwardplz: x :iconsoarinplz: - This one's a tough one....:P One, I'm a bit annoyed on how this ship is kinda everywhere or at least the one ship that Dash's destined to be w/ JUST b/c Soarin's a Wonderbolt and a guy.:roll: Now I don't hate it, at least Soarin has personality /quirk but I prefer Dash being w/ mares since I kinda see her as one of the guys more.:blush:
10):iconfluttershyisshyplz: x :iconbigmaceeyupplz: - It's not bad at seems plausible yet these two don't see eye-to-eye in the show.
11) :iconshiningarmorplz: x :iconcadenceblinkplz: - I do think it's cute but it's already canon as it is yet I wish this is the only canon pairing alongside the Cakes...:smoking:

~Ships I'm AGAINST~

1) :icontwilightfacehoofplz: x :iconflashsentryponyplz:/EqG Twilgiht (Facepalm) Plz by RainbowYoshi305 x Bland Sentry Angry 1 by ChameleonMan55 - The one ship I detested the most and not b/c I ship TwiDash, mind you!:iconmadlynotimpressedplz: My reasons for disliking (or hating it for that matter) is b/c I hate how cliched the ship possesses: popular boy gets paired w/ the new girl w/ the guy being some kind of 'rock star' and riding some sports car as well as being an ex of the Alpha b*tch.*yawn* Another reason is b/c I don't like the idea of pairing the main characters, it seems unnecessary!:disbelief: I get ppl who finds this ship to be appealing b/c 1) it's 'canon', 2) some would just fit each Mane 6 w/ a stallion and 3) they wanna salt in the wounds....:icondashinnocentfaceplz: Personally if Bland wasn't so bland in the movies then I would've tolerated him (I kinda did at first when he was revealed but over time, I grew to dislike him w/ a passion!:D).:hmm: Regardless of my huge dislike for the ship and the character, Blands plenty of fun to roast!:plotting:
2) :icontwilightwhatplz: x :iconspikeyuckplz: - Sorry to those fans but this ship is full of NOPE!:disbelief: Spike's practically family to Twilight so I find it off-putting of ppl to ship him w/ her!:disbelief:
3) :iconohmyfluttershyplz: x :iconmlpdiscordplz: - They're just friends from my POV and even if Discord regards Fluttershy with affection, he's just trying to be a friend as she's his BFF.:roll:
4) :iconrarityfaceplz: x :iconadorablespikeplz: - I only see it one-sided so I doubt Rarity would return Spike's feelings, end of story!:disbelief:
5) :icondashawkwardplz: x :iconfluttershyshyplz: - Honestly I can't see this pairing as others do since 1) even if Rainbow knows Fluttershy more than the others, she treats her as a sister/friend and 2) it's too one-sided w/ Dash being the loud, obnoxious pony w/ Fluttershy being the more quieter one, true their dynamics makes those two stand out but if they were in a relationship then obviously Dash would easily dominate Fluttershy.../justsaiyan
6) :iconepicfacehoofplz: x :iconshadowwtfplz: - I really don't get the appeal of this pairing, I just don't..:smoking: nor do I get the appeal of Shadow being a senpai all of a sudden in a series of cringe-worthy EqG crossover pics!:dead: It's bad enough that Twilight gets shipped w/ different characters from other shows....:iconsighingplz:
7) :iconmorefacehoofplz: x Sonic Head Shake Emote by megane-megane - I may like the idea of MLP crossovers esp w/ Sonic due to similarities yet I hate the idea of the characters being shipped b/c of said similarity.:iconpinkiedislikesplz: I'd rather if Sonic and Dash as well as the others are just friends.>.>
8) :icondashwhateverplz: x :iconrainbowblitzplz: - Canon w/ R63 counterpart, no thank you~:iconvomitplz: I hate the idea of pairings like these and not b/c they have the same color scheme, it's boring nonetheless to be w/ someone whose the opposite gender of yourself. I get ppl like this pairing only b/c Dash is a narcissist yet she has her moments when she's not so I doubt she'll go to the deep end to find her 'soul mate'.:puke: Also I'm not a fan of Blitz's design, those thick eyebrows and that mane, ew..:icondashfacehoofplz: No offense to the original creator for the characters (but I do like Dusk Shine best)...^^; Anyways, it's hard to believe that this is among the only 3 popular hetero Dash ships out there, the other two being SoarinDash and So it's either 'be shipped w/ a Wonderbolt/guy' or be shipped w/ the opposite gender b/c you're as narcissistic as you can be or be shipped w/ someone whose as fast as you but if a different species/design, none of the above which I'll say!XP

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